Busting sexual health myths with some animal magic

28th June 2018

We are more than a bit excited over at Sexwise HQ today as we can finally show the world our new mythbusting videos featuring an all-star cast from across the animal kingdom. 

Sexwise has been designed to be as easy-to-use as possible, giving you the essential things you need to know about contraception, pregnancy, STIs.

However, we know that people have lots more questions about contraception and sexual health that they’d like a quick answer to. We didn’t want to add lots more text to the website as that could make it less easy to use and we know lots of people like watching videos about health and wellbeing.

So, we talked to the excellent team at Latimer to get some fresh ideas on how to make videos that could not only get sexual health and contraception information across, but keep people’s attention and be fun to watch.

Latimer are a co-creation marketing and creative agency, which means they work directly with the people the work is intended to reach so it becomes something they can relate to. Young people in the UK have some of the highest rates for STIs so they’re a key audience for this content, though we also wanted the videos to be accessible to anyone who might need to know more about sex and contraception. 

Latimer came up with a concept of animals chatting about sex and relationships and assembled a team of very talented young animators. And so, a new animal world was born.

In this world you’ll see elephants working out their contraception problems at the gym, pufferfish talking sex mishaps by the watercooler and owls catching up over a cup of tea on the latest on their ex.

As Sexwise is for everyone we also wanted to make sure the videos would be appealing to lots of different people. Latimer reached out to their worldwide community to create a public panel of people of diverse backgrounds, ages, sexual orientation and gender. The panel reviewed the videos through regular points in the creative process so we could see if the key messages were taken away and if the panel found them engaging.

The panel have been a huge resource – challenging aspects of the videos that didn’t make sense to them and keeping the language we used realistic to their lives. We’ve been encouraged by their feedback and are excited to see how the videos are received.

While it’s important the videos are engaging to the target audiences, it’s crucial the information content we share is both easy to understand and clinically accurate. We’ve been fortunate to have a professional panel of some of the leading sexual and reproductive health organisations in the country. Reviewers from BASHH, The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare, Herpes Virus Association and Public Health England as well as our own clinical lead Karin O’Sullivan, have all shared their ideas about the videos throughout the production process. A huge thank you from us to everyone who has participated in the making of these videos and of course, to the awesome animators (find out more about them below).

You can see the videos on our YouTube channel, as well as Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Snapchat, there will be 2 batches over the next few weeks – let us know what you think!

Animator credits:
Elephants talk Emergency Contraception – Ellie Hoskins
Koalas talk Chlamydia - Oscar Barany
Pufferfish talk Condoms - Jamie Spicer Lewis
Flamingos talk The Pill – Aysha Tengiz
Owls talk Genital Herpes – Verity Clarke                                                    Cows talk Contraceptive Implants - Isabel Otten

 Still of animated elephant at the gym. Subtitle reads "why don't you get the morning after pill?"