New videos: our favourite furry friends visit clinicians

22nd February 2019

They’re back! Our favourite furry (feathery, leathery and spikey) friends return for another round of Sexwise videos. Once again, we teamed up with co-creation agency, Latimer to create fun and informative animated sexual health videos.

The newest round of videos continue the stories of Ali the Koala, Ella the Pufferfish and Abi the Owl . This time, they speak to real-life clinicians about their sexual and reproductive health worries.

The videos cover some of the most-asked questions at The Department of Health and Social Care's Sexual Health Information Line, including what happens if you’re diagnosed with chlamydia, emergency contraception options and what counts as ‘normal’ vaginal discharge. The clinical setting gives viewers an idea of what to expect when they visit a sexual health clinic.

We wanted to share clinically accurate and informative content in a fun and easy to understand way. The videos are targeted at 18-35 year olds as young people have some of the highest STI rates in the UK, but the information is relevant to anyone who is sexually active.

A professional panel of some of the UK’s leading sexual and reproductive health organisations in the country have been involved in the production of these videos. Reviewers from BASHH, The Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare and FPA Charity’s own clinical lead, Karin O’Sullivan, have shared their ideas throughout the production process. Thank you for your valuable input.

We simply couldn’t have created the videos without the help of 10 Hammersmith Broadway Clinic, part of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust who both provided the location and clinicians who appear in the films. Thank you so much for getting involved, especially the clinicians who provided brilliant medical advice to our furry friends.

You can see all four videos on our YouTube channel, as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We hope you have as much fun watching them as we had making them.

Animator credits

Sarah the Elephant and the IUD –  Ellie Hoskins

Ali the Koala and chlamydia treatment - Ellie Hoskins

Ella the Pufferfish and emergency contraception - Jamie Spicer Lewis

Abi the Owl and vaginal discharge – Verity Clarke


Image shows the koala, elephant, pufferfish and owl featured in the videos