Why we love contraception

26th September 2017

Contraception, of one type or another, has been used for centuries to prevent pregnancy.

In 2017, we’re lucky to have highly effective methods such as the implant, IUS and IUD and (thank goodness) not have to rely on condoms made of animal intestines or push leaves into our vaginas to try and stop sperm getting through.

No contraception is perfect and there’s still work to do to make sure everyone has access to contraception that suits them.

But today is a day to celebrate what contraception does for us. So here are five reasons why we love contraception.

  1. The freedom to prevent, plan and space out pregnancies. This is the big one! Contraception gives us control over our own bodies and our future.
  2. Protection from STIs (we’re looking at you, condoms and internal condoms!). Sex without worry of infection is our kind of sex.
  3. Control over periods (shout out to the combined pill, patch and ring). There’s no reason to have a bleed every month if you don’t want to.
  4. Help with painful periods (hello, implant, IUS, pill, patch and ring). No need to suffer with heavy bleeding and cramps? Sounds good to us.
  5. Learning about our bodies and menstrual cycles (thanks, fertility awareness methods). Also comes in very handy if the time comes to plan a pregnancy.

Helping people with their contraceptive choices is one of the reasons we’re here and it’s no accident that we’ve launched on World Contraception Day.

We want you to have open, honest, easy to understand information about your contraceptive choices. We know you have questions and concerns – and we want to make sure they’re answered.

So explore and compare methods – or pop over to FPA’s site and try My Contraception Tool for a really in depth look at which methods might suit you based on your preferences and lifestyle.

If you can’t find what you need then drop us a line and let us know what you’d like to see on Sexwise! We’d love to hear from you.