Sexual pleasure

Sex can be many things – passionate, intimate, fun, pleasurable, good exercise.

It can also be boring, painful, awkward or leave you wondering why you bothered.

It can take time to learn what you enjoy and what you don't. And it can often feel difficult or embarrassing to talk about sex with a partner.

So we're developing these pages with information and resources to help you enjoy sex – on your own or with a partner(s).

Masturbation (wanking, jerking off) is when you sexually arouse yourself by touching your genitals.

Some people also like to touch other areas of their body, such as the nipples, breasts or anus.

There's no right or wrong way to masturbate, as long as you're not doing anything you're uncomfortable with. When you’re masturbating on your own, it's all about you and what gives you pleasure.

If you're masturbating on your own then you're not at risk of pregnancy or a partner giving you a sexually transmitted infection so it is one of the safest sexual activities that you can do.

You might also choose to masturbate with a partner. This is a great opportunity to give pleasure to each other. It can be very sexy to watch a partner masturbate and this gives you the chance to see what turns them on too.

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More information coming soon.

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